Why is Black America So Excited About That One?

Why is Black America So Excited About That One? Senator John McCain’s That One comment in the debate was nothing short of condescending, and borderline racist. In my opinion, Senator McCain felt that both the campaign, and the debate were not going his way, so he resorted to using what some would call code language. Was Senator McCain so angry with Senator Obama that he had to resort to code language? Did Senator Obama’s political acumen, and verbal accuracy frustrate Senator McCain enough for him to forget that he was on worldwide television, and not in the Old South? Senator McCain why couldn’t you call your fellow Senator by his title instead of referencing him as if he had just stole the rims off of your vehicle?

Black America has a history of having to deal with such verbal slights as Senator McCain’s. We are very disappointed in Senator McCain’s comments. When Black America finally has a candidate of its own hue that can really cut the mustard, why would he be called That One? Well I have news for Senator McCain, and the Republican Party we are going to turn out to vote for That One in record numbers! Black America is excited about fielding a respectable candidate who is articulate, graceful, and a cutting edge thinker! Yes we will vote for That One, but we will not be alone because millions upon millions of Americans of every ethnicity will also vote for That One!

I think with the increasingly racist tones of some of the Republican Ticket’s rallies, that this comment was a veiled, or subtle attempt to pander to many White Americans in swing states who are busy deciding whether or not to stomach a black man as President of the United States. My prayer is that many in this nation will see Senator McCain as out of touch, and out of ideas. America needs to forge its way into a brighter future with Barack Obama as the leader of this nation!

2 Responses

  1. There you go with this racist non-sense again! Obama is just as much white as he is black if he’s telling the truth about his birth! The blacks are voting racist when they vote for Obama just because of the color of his skin…cause he has no EXPERIENCE!

    Blogging Black.Com’s Response to Your Rant!

    Hillbilly Paul why was the comment of Senator McCain not racist? Senator Obama has inspired black voters not only because of his skin color, but because of his attention to the concerns of Middle Class America! We respectfully disagree with your comments! Maybe Senator McCain’s experience is not the experience that America needs!

  2. Great writing! Let’s vote for “that one” and ensure that he’s our next POTUS! McCain is speaking code. I don’t know why being black is so “obscene” to them. Obama is an American who happens to be black and he’s a senator-killer. He crushed them in the democratic primary…Biden, Clinton, gov. richardson, etc…..and now he’s crushing McCain inspite of all the negative code he and his vp are releasing on the airwaves. Let’s send the poster child for PTSD back home where he belongs.

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