Shawne Williams Posterizes Jared Dudley!

Shawne Williams of The Indiana Pacers Posterizes Jared Dudley! Well I guess I just have a soft spot for any Memphis Player in the NBA! Memphian Shawne Williams shows his stuff with this awesome dunk! He represents the M-Town Well on this one!

Tyreke Evans is Coming to Play Basketball for The University of Memphis!

Tyreke Evans is Coming to Play Basketball for The University of Memphis! Can I hear another national championship game on the way?

Elliot Williams

Memphis,Tennessee keeps cranking out great basketball players! It’s to bad that this kid is going to Duke University! Elliott Williams will be another Memphian that is destined prayerfully to play professional basketball!

Derrick Rose is the Truth!

Derrick Rose is the Truth!

The Memphis Tigers are #1!

The Memphis Tigers are #1 in College Basketball! Why are they so hated? Do these great young men deserve the comments that they receive from many sports announcers? One announcer stated in one of Memphis’ early games, that these young men only play for agents and posses, did these players deserve this? Could the fact that the Memphis Tigers don’t have one white player, draw the ire of these announcers who are mostly white? Why aren’t the Tiger Players described as heady, basketball-savvy, and fundamentally sound?