Your Thoughts on Being Black in America!


What are your thoughts on being black in america? Most of us are not as passionate as the late Dr. Khallid Muhammad. Yet is what he is saying on these videos true?


Fantasia Barrino singing Summertime. She won the American Idol competition with this song. 

This Sister Can Blow!

Kim Burrell can sing most people crazy. She is a magnificent gospel singer. Well form your own opinion from this clip. Do you agree? What could she have done if she was allowed to compete in The American Idol competition?

Is Antawn Jamison the Most Unheralded Player in the NBA?

Antawn Jamison seems to never get enough credit. I guess when a player is not loaded with images all over his body and doesn’t have a hit rap single and is never arrested he is just not interesting. This brother has put up great numbers throughout his career yet he never quite gets the props from the sports world. Is he just too clean cut? Can he ever shine with Gilbert (I Never Saw a Shot I Didn’t Like) Arenas on his team? The Washington Post did an awsesome story on him. Read that story by clicking here!

Calvin Johnson


Calvin Johnson is an incredible receiver. He figures to be among the first ten players selected in this weekend’s NFL Draft. Watch his incredible skills! The brother has hops and hands!

Memphis Rap.Com

Blogging Black.Com tips his hat to Memphis Rap.Com a great online hip hop site!

The Virginia Tech Shootings

Blogging Black.Com sends it’s condolences to the loved ones of any victims of the shootings at Virinia Tech earlier this week.  We are praying for you. I pray that this incident will not inspire copycats or release a new wave of ethnic hatred. This was the act of a single individual and not an entire race of people. What can we do to make our college campuses safer?