Watch Keith Olbermann’s Powerful Final Campaign Comment!

Watch Keith Olbermann’s Powerful Final Campaign Comment!

Mr. Olbermann, it was a pleasure watching a media personality that personified the views of many that never had their voice heard via the traditional media! Thanks, Mr. Olbermann Blogging Black.Com sends its salute to you! MSNBC ‘s political coverage was stellar because of you! We look forward to your continuing coverage of the historical election of President Barack Obama!

Is There Any Limit to What Republicans Will Do to Smear Obama?

Is There Any Limit To What Republicans Will Do to Smear Obama? My buddies at The Young Turks.Com give their take on the many loons that attack Senator Obama day and night! We could not think of a better topic for the 1,500th Post of Blogging Black.Com!

Senator Obama will rise above these bigots and become a fine President!

Presenting the Case For Black Bloggers/Black Blogging!

Let Me Present The Case For Black Blogging, and Black Bloggers! There are so many times that I am asked why is there a need for Blogging Black.Com, or why is there a need for one to be described as a Black Blogger. There are also so many times that I am asked wouldn’t Blacks become angry if there was a White News, or a White Blogging Site. My response is that those mediums are already in existence, and it’s called your daily newspaper. Black America has been castigated via the airwaves, the printed page, and throughout the expanses of cyberspace by so many different mediums.

Isn’t it amazing that when one has to watch breaking news of a negative sort from a predominantly black neighborhood, that the brother and sister that looks to be polished, or intelligent is never asked a question? The brother or sister that looks the furthest from being in touch with reality is always the one that secures the opportunity to reflect on the incident. Why is this so? I feel that many times the press seeks to reinforce negative stereotypes about the Black Community.

Why aren’t the news cameras following the many brothers and sisters who are so busy handling their business in a positive way? I feel that the media has no desire to expose many of the shining stars of the Black Community. It is therefore incumbent upon the many brothers and sisters who have the gift of adequately expressing themselves via the printed word should do their very best to showcase the many positive aspects of the Black Community. We are a powerful, resourceful, and blessed people that the entire world needs to know more about. We have values, morals, and ethics that the nightly news just doesn’t seem to capture. That is why I choose to be a Black Blogger, it is my goal to show the entire world just how proud I am of our people.

There are so many different types of Black Blogs, and I realize that I could garner so many more visits if I would just write about gossip, and entertainment news. However; there are so many of us that are cutting edge thinkers that relish the opportunity to read a positive take on Black Issues, that was not delivered by the traditional media. It is those individuals that I am most concerned about reaching via this blog. So much for all of this explaining why I Choose to be a Black Blogger. We should exert every effort to use the citizen’s media and Web 2.0 to alert the world about just how great The Black Community is!

The Real Story on The Palin Jet Sale!

The Real Story on The Palin Jet Sale!

Will we be influenced by facts, or will we be influenced by the claims of Sarah Palin?

Obama/Biden 08!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Slams Michelle Obama!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck revealing off-camera discussions between Michelle Obama and The View hosts.

This was a cheap shot! She will feel like mud when Michelle Obama moves into The White House!

Was Governor Sarah Palin Properly Vetted?

Was Governor Sarah Palin Properly Vetted? Alaska State Senate President Lyda Green (R) says that she does not know of any Republican in that state who was interviewed by the McCain campaign during the vetting process

Senator Barack Obama Fights Back!

Senator Barack Obama Fights Back! Senator Obama targeted Senator John McCain, and Governor Sarah Palin  in this clip!

We have seen Governor Palin throw punches, now let’s see if she can take punches!