Out With The Old and In With The New Praise Break!

Here’s an Out With The Old and In With The New Praise Break! Thank God 2007 is moving on!

We Recommend The Great Debaters!

Blogging Black.Com highly recommends The Great Debaters! Go see it as soon as you can!

Let’s Keep Our Priorities Where They Should Be!

Let’s Stop All of the Blinging just for a moment and remember that Black America should maintain it’s role as a God Fearing People. God has brought us through so much!

Bishop Thomas Weeks Says He Was Set Up and Abused!


In an exclusive interview with EURweb.Com, embattled Bishop Thomas Weeks tells Lee Bailey he was setup, abused, and betrayed! He also seems to have dodged a bullet with the criminal charges in his domestic violence/abuse case. Click below to read this stunning article. What do you think about this?

EURweb.Com’s Exclusive Inteview on Bishop Weeks

Barack Obama Says Stand Up!

Barack Obama Says Stand Up!

Smooth Operator

Smooth Operator by Sade was a classic!

You Don’t Know Me

You Don’t Know Me by Alicia Keys!