Barack Obama and Joe Biden Cast Their Votes!

Barack and Michelle Obama vote in Hyde Park on November 4, 2008. In the second clip, Joe Biden Votes in Wilmington, Delaware on Election Day 2008!

How to Protect Your Vote and Spot Dirty Tricks!

How to Protect Your Vote and Spot Dirty Tricks! The story of voter suppression efforts in 2008 — and how you can fight back. Get started by making sure you have the correct info about where to vote:

Don’t listen to the Republican Chants of Voter Fraud! Don’t fall for the Republican Caging attempts, or the Republican attempts at Voter Suppression! Obama/Biden 08!

Jay-Z is for Barack Obama!

Jay-Z is for Barack Obama! Jay-Z at Virginia Union College in Richmond, Virginia puts election day in historical perspective. Get Out the Vote at

Thanks Jay-Z! Obama/Biden 08!

Poll Workers Prepare For Election Day!

Workers at election offices are preparing for an expected record number of voters to turn out on Nov. 4.

Vote Democratic while you are there!