Is Senator John McCain an Elitist?

Is Senator John McCain an Elitist? Dan Abrams on the last edition of his show talking to Roy Sekoff and Joe Watkins about McCain not knowing how many houses he had. Watkins practically looks like he’s ready to hyperventilate during this interview. How many McCain talking points can you get out in one breath Joe? The second of the video clips in this post contain an ad attacking Senator McCain from the Obama Campaign on the matter of his owning seven homes!

I think that Senator McCain, and not Senator Barack Obama just might be the elitist! How can one own 7 homes in 3 states, and not be elitist?

Obama Campaign Responds to McCain Attack Ad!

Obama Campaign Responds to McCain Attack Ad! Robert Gibbs on Morning Joe explaining why Barack Obama did not visit the military hospital in Germany, and he has to school Scarborough on the fact that Armed Forces Television, not the press corps filmed Barack Obama playing basketball with the troops.