Back in the Day!

This video is of a new Kirk Whalum hit called Back in the Day! This song features Gerald Albright and Caleb tha Bridge. Caleb tha Bridge is a Gospel Rapper that raps doing this song. Well Caleb tha Bridge is my cousin Andre, who is the former Youth Pastor of World Overcomers in Memphis,Tennessee before moving away. Listen to the words and reflect on how great some of those memories were back in the day!

Senator Barrack Obama’s Acceptance Speech Was Masterful! Senator Barack Obama Knocks It Out of the Park in Denver!

Senator Barrack Obama’s Acceptance Speech Was Masterful! Senator Barack Obama Knocks It Out of the Park in Denver! Senator Barack Obama’s Acceptance Speech at The Democratic National Convention in Denver was simply masterful!

The Crowd Was in the Neighborhood of 84,000+! Mile High Stadium will never be the same!

This Made Me Sick to My Stomach!

HRC Delegate Anne Price-Mills reacts afer Hillary Clinton’s DNC speech.

You Can Always Find One of Us to Cut a Shine! I Can’t Believe This! Some of our people will climb the tallest mountains to get the approval of mainstream society!

The Republicans Love to Promote Discord!

The Republicans Love to Promote Discord! On night 3 of the Democratic Convention right before VP Biden spoke, Republican Mike Murphy stated He thinks Hillary and Bill will vote for John McCain which drew screams and boo’s from the crowd. Chris Matthews, and Keith Olbermann who said “Lets Wrap Him Up”. Chris hits back hard at Murphy along with Harold Ford and the crowd.

The Republican Nightmare is Almost Over!

It’s Obama’s Show Now!

It’s Obama’s Show Now! Senator Barack Obama toured Invesco Field late on Wednesday, the site where he will deliver his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Senator Barack Obama Makes Surprise Appearance!

Senator Barack Obama Makes Surprise Appearance! Sen. Barack Obama made a surprise appearance at the DNC after Sen. Joe Biden’s speech. Obama said that he hoped now it was clear why he wanted Biden on board to take back The White House.

Hill Harper Speaks on Senator Barack Obama!

Hill Harper Speaks on  Senator Barack Obama!