Incredible Video of Michael Jackson’s Pepsi Shoot from Years Back!

Incredible Video of Michael Jackson’s Pepsi Shoot from Years Back! This clip comes from US Magazine!

This was a horrible accident! My prayers are with the entire Jackson Family! This incident is said to be the launching pad of the late Michael Jackson’s affinity for prescription drugs!

The Greatness that Was Michael Jackson!

The Greatness that Was Michael Jackson! I remember when this video hit the airwaves! The man was awesome! He will be missed!

Michael Jackson Dies at Age 50!

Michael Jackson Dies at Age 50! This is unbelievable! This would be easier to stomach if it didn’t seem like he hurt so bad in the later years of his life! He was an incredible talent and he was an Icon in every way!

I am praying for the Jackson Family!

Michael Jackson Converts to Islam!

Michael Jackson Converts to Islam!

Could Anyone Dance Like Michael Jackson?

Could Anyone Dance Like Michael Jackson?

The Thriller Video is 25 Years Old!

The Thriller Video is 25 Years Old!

Michael Jackson’s Thriller at Your Wedding?

Michael Jackson’s Thriller at Your Wedding? Well just when I thought I had seen it all!