There Is Just Too Much Fuss Over Plaxico Burress!

There Is Just Too Much Fuss Over Plaxico Burress! The guys at The Young Turks.Com give their input on the ridiculous clamor over the Plaxico Burress incident! We have also included several other clips concerning this incident that will explain exactly what happened. The fuss over this incident is ridiculous!

Super Bowl hero Plaxico Burress is done for the year. The New York Giants fined and suspended Burress for the rest of the regular season. The team also placed him on the reserve non-football injury list so he can’t come back for playoffs.

What is Mayor Bloomberg thinking? First Michael Vick, now this! When will there cease to be overkill over the off field efforts of black athletes? The guy is already suspended for the season! If Peyton Manning, or Eli Manning were in this same situation, would the reaction be the same? Mayor Bloomberg in featured in the last video clip railing as if this young man is Public Enemy #1! Is Mayor Bloomberg using this situation with Mr. Burress as a bully pulpit for his supposed tough stance on crime?

Alan Colmes is Leaving Fox News!

Alan Colmes is Leaving Fox News! The guys at The Young Turks are on top of the breaking news again!

Wow! What will become of this show once he leaves the entire show to Sean Hannity?

Why is President George W. Bush So Unpopular Abroad?

Why is President George W. Bush So Unpopular Abroad? Well I could list a score of things that have contributed to President Bush’s unpopularity on the domestic front, but it seems that many of the residents of Iraq aren’t too pleased with many of President Bush’s international policies!

It is my prayer that the new President-Elect, and his new administration will tone down much of the Anti-American sentiments that many hold abroad!

Sarah Palin Talks Turkey!

Sarah Palin Talks Turkey! Sarah Palin caught in an awkward interview on a turkey farm. Sarah Palin Pardons a Turkey. While being interviewed, you can see others being slaughtered behind her. This is Priceless!

All I can say is Wow! This lady was almost a heartbeat away! Thank God! Thank God!

Watch President-Elect Obama Play Basketball!

Watch President-Elect Obama Play Basketball! The guys at The Young Turks.Com give their excitement over the elevation of a President that can hoop! Excuse some of the language in this clip!

Can President-Elect Obama End Partisanship?

Can President-Elect Obama End Partisanship? The guys at The Young Turks.Com give their serious look at President-Elect Obama’s decision to reach out to those on both sides of the aisles for assistance in his upcoming administration.

Thank God Obama Will Be In Charge!

Thank God Obama Will Be In Charge! The great guys at The Young Turks.Com give their thoughts on the election of a smart President. We agree with these guys wholeheartedly on this one. President-Elect Obama will bring sound thinking, and enlightenment to The White House!