Is the Automotive Industry in Memphis Racist?

Is the Automotive Industry in Memphis Racist? Memphis Car Man.Com will start a series very soon that will rock the Automotive Manufacturers’ minds about how their dealers are treating African American Salespeople and consumers in Memphis,Tennessee! This will be the series of the year that will expose the reckless abandon that some dealers operate with in relations to both their African American customers and Salespeople. There is not an union for carsalesmen in Memphis,Tennessee and believe me many dealers in this city take advantage of that! How are African American Salespeople selling the lion’s share of the automobiles, yet making up only a small fraction of the management teams of Auto Dealerships in Memphis? Why in a majority African American city would nearly all the Automobile Mangement Personnel in this city be “Lily White”? This series will rock the car business and America itself! Stay Tuned!

Memphis Car Man.Com