Obama Wins!!!!!!!

Obama Wins!!!!!!!

President Barack Obama will become a stellar President with the help, and the prayers of all Americans!

Can John McCain Control His Temper?

Can John McCain Control His Temper? Do we want this guy’s temper to plague our country internationally?

Obama/Biden 08!

Is the Republican Ticket Sinking?

Is the Republican Ticket Sinking? The McCain and Palin Ticket Needs to Work on Both Their Domestic and Their Foreign Affairs Skills!

The Republican Ticket is simply running an amazing campaign of blunders! The failed policies of the Bush Administration would seem to continue if Senator McCain, and Governor Palin make it to The White House! Even Die Hard Republicans Couldn’t be Happy With These Characters! I am of the opinion that some of these characters shouldn’t talk at home without a teleprompter! Let’s just get to the basics it’s not a matter of not knowing Senator Obama for many Americans, it is simply a matter of race! Can America look past the race of Senator Obama and elect him as our next President? Can America be bold enough to elect our First Black President? Obama/Biden 08!

The Republicans Love to Promote Discord!

The Republicans Love to Promote Discord! On night 3 of the Democratic Convention right before VP Biden spoke, Republican Mike Murphy stated He thinks Hillary and Bill will vote for John McCain which drew screams and boo’s from the crowd. Chris Matthews, and Keith Olbermann who said “Lets Wrap Him Up”. Chris hits back hard at Murphy along with Harold Ford and the crowd.

The Republican Nightmare is Almost Over!

Senator Barack Obama Fights Back Against Smears!

Senator Barack Obama Fights Back Against Smears! Chris Matthews and his guests talk about Obama’s new web site http://www.fightthesmears.com, and they stress again that Obama is a Christian and not a Muslim. Isn’t it amazing that Senator Barack Obama has to combat so many lies in this campaign?

View Obama’s New Website Fight the Smears.Com

Senator Barack Obama Appears on MSNBC’s Hardball!

Senator Barack Obama Appears on MSNBC’s Hardball!

Senator Barack Obama Wins Mississippi!

Senator Barack Obama Wins Mississippi!