Secret Service Investigates “Kill Obama” Graffiti in Houston!

The Secret Service investigates “Kill Obama” Graffiti in Houston,Texas! If you drive around northwest Houston, you are bound to see graffiti – most of it is unrecognizable. But the graffiti in this video has caught the attention of the Secret Service and its message is clear: Kill Obama.

The individuals that did this should be prosecuted vigorously! This is sick and sorry. I am praying that God will enlighten these individuals to make something of their lives. This delving into negativity shows that each of the individuals that would perform acts such as these needs real help!

Joey Dorsey Finally Signs With the Houston Rockets!

Former University of Memphis Basketball Player Joey Dorsey Finally Signs With the Houston Rockets! I am so happy that Joey Dorsey has finally come to an agreement with the Houston Rockets! Since he was drafted in the second round there was no guaranteed contract for him, but Joey has made the team. I am including details, and some clips of Joey in action. So many announcers counted him out, so this is sweet!

The Rockets completed one last piece of offseason business Sunday, reaching agreement on a contract with rookie center/forward Joey Dorsey on the eve of players’ reporting for Tuesday’s start of training camp.

Dorsey is expected to sign a four-year, $3.5 million contract, with each of the last two seasons at the team’s option.

The deal, using a portion of the mid-level exception money left available after the signing of Carl Landry, will help the Rockets avoid a repeat of the protracted restricted free-agent negotiations they had with Landry.

Though Dorsey was chosen with the third pick of the second round, the contract was structured similar to that of a first-round draft choice.

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Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell Speaks Out on the Michael Vick Case!

Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell Speaks Out on the Michael Vick Case! Preach Pastor Caldwell!

Senator Barack Obama in Texas!

View Senator Barack Obama campaigning in Texas!