We Are Posting Hood Nicknames Again!

We Are Posting Hood Nicknames Again! Do you know of any that we don’t have here?
Big Mama, Madear, Candy Lady( Whoever is the Candy Lady in the Hood Gets This Name), Pops, Bouchie, Hot Rod, Little Dirty, Nay Nay, Doc, Snow Man, Pee Wee, KK, GG, June Bug, Pookie Nem, Kenny Main , Bookie, Tay Tay, BeeBee, JJ, Ray Ray, Tee Tee, Frog, Little Step, Shorty, Skinny, Big Man, Fats, Red, Black, Blue, Green, Che che, Jabo,Rabbitt, Pretty Tony, G Money, Romeo, Boo Boo, Poo Poo, Moo Moo, Niece, Meache, Chicken Wayne, It, Big Bug, Little Bug, Roach, Smokey, Fats, Fat Daddy, Fatboy, Big Man, Little Man, June June, May May, Toot, Googie, Roughhouse, John Boy, Spiffy, Little Red, Fish, Frog, Goat, Freebird, Freelow, The Eaglet, Bald Eagle, Hickhead, White Mike, Mookie, Poochie, Chick, Squirrel, Bull Head, Momma J, Cat Eye, Peaches, Skeechy, K-Wayne, Weenie, Chicken Head, Moose Head, Lukey, Yatta, Mattie Lou, Thelma Mae, Baby Sister, Baby Girl, Willie Lee, Biily Lee, Pops, Inky, Binky, Bunky, Lopez, Coonie, Boonie, Poonie, Noonie, Horse, Uncle Ed, Ice Bird, Big Otis, Papoose, Monkey Man, Hick Head, White Girl, Red Mama, Fat Mamma, Black, Tar Baby, Husky, Tweety, Buckeye, Popeye, Gramps, Red Man, Little Momma, Nutty, Country, Bookworm, Socrates, Jap, Tootsie, Shine, Big Butt, Yaddie, Mookie, Tookie, Mumu, Meme, and the always popular NEM such as kenny nem, steve nem, country nem, jabo nem, etc,

Monk,Nukey,Noonie Baby,Dabo, Man Man, Tooloo, Jo Jo, Tookie, Weenie, Lolo, Dope Man, Tater,Toto,Skeeter, Skeeterbug, Day Day, Boo, Mookie, Beanie, Little Willie,Squally.

Important Note Every Girl With the Nickname Precious, Doll Baby, and Peaches should be cute!