Should Inmates Be Given Condoms?

Should Inmates Be Given Condoms? The truth is, HIV and AIDS are running rampant in our jails. Inmates are having sex with each other – contracting STDs – and infected their wives and girlfriends when they return home. So, if not condoms, what should be done to stop the spread of AIDS behind bars?

This is a serious dilemma in our communities!

HIV+ Man Rapes 17 Year Old in Memphis,Tennessee!

HIV+ Man Rapes 17 Year Old in Memphis,Tennessee! Kenya Pipkins is outraged. “That baby’s life is destroyed and it could have been avoided. That’s just wrong.” While she may be outraged, she’s not at all surprised Timothy Payne is now charged with raping a 17-year-old girl, while knowing he was infected with HIV.

I am just bewildered by this one, it is good thing that God forgives, because I am by no means ready to forgive this guy if he did this!