Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton Resigns!

Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton Resigns! Long time Memphis Mayor W. W. Herenton has decided to resign! Mayor Herenton who had just won reelection to an unbelievable 5th Term has decided to leave office  early! What do you think?

It is my prayer that Memphis will proceed in the right direction after these announcements. What do you think?

The State of School Security!

Memphis Mayor Willie W. Herenton will set policy and order metal detectors for every middle and high school in the Memphis City School System. This is in response to several school shootings, and school fights in the matter of a week’s time. It is time out for violence in the schools! We have posted a link to Mayor Herenton’s timely presss conference! We also posted several clips that address the need for different policies in our schools systems.

Mayor Herenton stated that Memphis is not alone, in regards to cities dealing with violence in their respective school systems. I think that this press conference addresses many problems that we have with violence in our different school systems. Kudos to the Memphis Mayor for taking a bold stance that many others need to take!

Mayor Willie Herenton’s Press Conference on The State of School Security

Senator Barack Obama Takes Shelby County in Western Tennessee By Overwhelming Margin!

Senator Barack Obama Takes Shelby County in Western Tennessee By Overwhelming Margin! Despite the very real threat of horrible storms, voters in Shelby County in Western Tennessee voted for Barack Obama in overwhelming numbers. It is apparent that many of the Democratic voters in Shelby County did not follow the lead of Memphis Mayor W. W. Herenton who has supported Senator Hilary Clinton in her presidential bid!

Senator Obama won 70% of the vote in Shelby County in his race for the Democratic Nomination! The voters in Shelby County saw more merit in a vote for Senator Obama than they did in a vote for Senator Hilary Clinton. Why couldn’t our leaders see the same?

Memphis Mayor Herenton Shakes the Haters Off and Wins Record 5th Term!


Memphis Mayor Herenton Shakes the Haters Off and Wins Record 5th Term! Mayor Willie W. Herenton eclipsed some stiff competition and handily wins election to his 5th Term! We salute Mayor Herenton on his reelection! Someone posted a YouTube Video of him Shaking The Haters Off to mock him, but as an avid supporter of his, I will play the clip as a victory dance! Read the Commercial Appeal Article on his victory by clicking the link below! Long Live Mayor Herenton!

Commercial Appeal News Story-Herenton Wins Record 5th Term

Listen to Herenton’s Reelection Song

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