Alaskan Republican Senator Stevens Found Guilty!

Alaskan Republican Senator Stevens Found Guilty! Longest serving Republican Senator (40yrs) is found guilty on all 7 counts and could potentially face 35 years (5 years for each count) in prison.

Even though we are not fans of the Republican Party, it is our prayer that Senator Stevens will not have to spend his last days in prison!

Alaskan Women and Christians are Against Sarah Palin!

Alaskan Women and Christians are Against Sarah Palin! Seems like Sarah Baracuda needs to take care of some business at home doesn’t it?

Let’s send Governor Palin back home to Alaska so you can mend fences with some of these ladies! Vote Obama/Biden!

Sarah Palin Disputes Finding She Abused Power!

Sarah Palin Disputes Finding She Abused Power! Republican vice-presidential nominee, Sarah Palin, defended her actions on Saturday after an Alaska ethics report concluded that she had abused her power as governor when firing a state official.

Governor Palin looks like she hadn’t totally cleaned out her own closet, before she started to try bringing out the so called skeletons in Senator Obama’s Closet! Let’s leave Sarah Palin in Alaska so she can devote more time to cleaning her Alaskan Closets Out! We can’t let this lady get any more power to abuse! Vote Obama/Biden!