Why is President George W. Bush So Unpopular Abroad?

Why is President George W. Bush So Unpopular Abroad? Well I could list a score of things that have contributed to President Bush’s unpopularity on the domestic front, but it seems that many of the residents of Iraq aren’t too pleased with many of President Bush’s international policies!

It is my prayer that the new President-Elect, and his new administration will tone down much of the Anti-American sentiments that many hold abroad!

President-Elect Obama Tours The White House!

President-Elect Obama Tours The White House! President-Elect Barack Obama Meets With Bush in The White House!

This is great and historic!

Larry King Interviews Future First Lady Michelle Obama!

Larry King Interviews Future First Lady Michelle Obama!

We love our future First Lady Michelle Obama!

Country First My …?

Country First My …? Here are some especially candid remarks from Keith Olbermann on Republicans who brag so often about putting this country first!

Keith give them a little bit of Hades on this one! Vote Obama/Biden!

McCain Debates McCain!

McCain Debates McCain! Don’t believe the hype! McCain is one of Bush’s biggest fans, despite what he tried to claim at the Ole Miss debate. We don’t need to endure a third Bush Term by electing John McCain!

Why Would Some Call Sarah Palin Dumber than Bush?

Why Would Some Call Sarah Palin Dumber than Bush? Well the guys at The Young Turks are at it again! I have much respect for these guys!

Governor Palin should not have access to anyone’s nuclear codes! Senator McCain how could you have a running mate that spouts out drivel? Go Obama/Biden 08!

Has the McCain Campaign Left the Building?

Has the McCain Campaign Left the Building? Senator John McCain has decided to suspend his campaign in order to return to Washington to work on the current financial crisis. Could it be that Senator McCain has noticed how his polling numbers have diminished? Senator McCain’s decision to try to prevent tommorow night’s debate at Ole Miss is reprehensible. Do the Republicans fear debating Senator Obama, and Senator Biden? The stunts that the Republican Ticket pulls are just beyond belief, and borders on the bizarre!

Shouldn’t a prospective suitor for the job of the President be able to effectively address what direction he intends on taking this nation during crisis times? Should we look forward to a time where our President will shut the entire nation down because he’s having a bad day? Should we ever expect to hear substantive answers to interview questions from either of the members of The Republican Ticket? How will Karl Rove clean up this mess for Senator McCain? Yes Barack Obama is a black man, but anyone that thinks that Senator McCain would help America get out of the financial quagmire that she is in should first have his or her head examined! Let’s not let racism stop us from getting the financial answers, and policies that we need in this country!

The following videos will illustrate how we should earnestly oppose the granting of a third term of Bush-Like Economic Policies by electing Senator John McCain! The only answer is Obama/Biden 08! Even Republicans should be embarrassed by this charade! Does the Republican Ticket want to make it to The White House without ever articulating their plans for this nation? Can we expect to hear only Republican Talking Points, Republican Drivel, and sheer Republican Jabberwocky from the McCain Campaign during the remainder of this Presidential Campaign Season?