Future First Lady Michelle Obama Arrives in Denver!

Future First Lady Michelle Obama Arrives in Denver for this week’s Democratic National Convention!

The Real Michelle Obama Questions?

The media is making a big issue about the large amount of white female support that Senator Hillary Clinton has garnered. Could Senator Clinton’s rock solid support among so many white females be bolstered by their fears of a black woman becoming the First Lady of this nation? Would these women want their husbands, and their children to look up to Michelle Obama as this nation’s First Lady? Would they want their sons to long to marry someone that looks like Michelle Obama? Would the elevation of Michelle Obama affect the psyches of soccer moms across America?

Would the thought of Michelle Obama eating, cooking, and waking up in The White House be so repulsive that these women would vote for anyone, but Senator Obama? Would Michelle Obama’s presence in the White House cause society to redefine it’s standards of beauty, style and grace? Would the status of black women be elevated in the eyes of white men? Would black women be looked upon as more than video chicks? Would little white girls start to mirror the styles of Michelle Obama? Would there be a fear that their husbands would look upon a black woman with admiration and respect? Inquiring Minds want to know!

First Lady Michelle Obama

Could Michelle Obama become one of America’s classiest first ladies ever?

First Lady Michelle Obama!

First Lady Michelle Obama! Could Michelle Obama be America’s next First Lady?

Fear of a Black President!

Rush Limbaugh and the virulent racist websites on the web are attacking Presidential Candidate Senator Barack Obama! Senator Obama has received Secret Service protection from the U. S. Secret Service earlier than any other presidential candidate before has received. Senator Obama is a viable candidate! Will there be a black man in the White House? Has Senator Obama scared the racists that bad?