Sarah Palin is Pranked by Comedy Duo!

Sarah Palin is Pranked by Comedy Duo!

A Quebec comedy duo notorious for prank calls to celebrities and heads of state has reached Sarah Palin, convincing the Republican vice-presidential nominee she was speaking with French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

In the roughly six-minute telephone interview released Saturday, Palin and the pranksters known as the Masked Avengers discuss politics, pundits, and the perils of hunting with Vice-President Dick Cheney. “We have such great respect for you, John McCain and I, we love you,” Palin is heard to gush to comedian Marc-Antoine Audette, masquerading as Sarkozy. Palin doesn’t seem to realize she’s being tricked until Audette tells her at the end of the interview.”Oh, have we been pranked?” she says. Seconds later, Palin’s aide can be heard before the line goes dead.

Throughout the conversation, Audette drops plenty of clues that something’s amiss. He identifies French singer and actor Johnny Hallyday as his special adviser to the U.S., singer Stef Carse as Canada’s prime minister and Quebec comedian and radio host Richard Z. Sirois as the provincial premier.

This is hilarious! Any one can get pranked, but why did this call go on so long? I feel sorry for Governor Palin on this one!