Enjoy Dr. Boyce Watkins Piece on Fox News and Black Hatred!

Enjoy Dr. Boyce Watkins Piece on Fox News and Black Hatred! Isn’t it amazing that in America today we still have some Handkerchief Head Negr_es? They make me sick to my stomach with their constant boot licking, #@*utt kissing, and their consistent asking of their masters as the movie Malcom X recorded , “Massa we sick today ain’t we”? Why do we have black men and women in this day who are scratching when they don’t itch, and laughing when they are not tickled? How can we shine, coon, and just generally be a court jester for the master in this day?

How can one sell out his or her own people in such a critical time as this? How can one be a House Negr_ in this day, and then go home and look at one’s self in the mirror? How can one learn to love other before one learns to love his own? Is gaining a few dollars worth selling your own people out for? Being born black is not a curse! It is not the season to be a Sell-Out!