Why is Black America So Excited About Senator Barack Obama?

Why is Black America So Excited About Senator Barack Obama? Why is White America so shocked that many blacks are excited about Senator Barack Obama? Let me spell it out, for the first time in over 230+ years, there is a black man in the General Election battling for the Presidency of the United States. Blacks have been at the bottom of the American Social Caste Charts for years. We have been 3/5 of a human being, we have been second class citizens, and we have been a people that are busy still wondering just where in Hades our 40 Acres and a mule is at!

Senator Obama’s campaign has stimulated the dreams of many young blacks, who were in desperate need of a role model from outside of the sports world. Do we believe that Senator Obama can alleviate all of Black America’s problems if he is elected? That would be a ridiculous assumption, but we are still very excited about the promise that he would bring to that office. Black Americans have been discriminated against in so many ways from chattel slavery, Jim Crow, and so many other policies that it would take a year to name them all. We are portrayed daily by the media as hoods, murderers, and thugs, but we are a resilient people and we will continue to fight the powers that be. Just let us enjoy our Magic Moment! Say it with me, Obama, Obama, Obama! We love Michelle Obama too!

From the Super Elated “Tickled Black Staff” of Blogging Black.Com