Man Says Black Flag Isn’t about Race!

Man Says Black Flag Isn’t about Race! Thomas Stevenson, a white mccain supporter, replaced his American flag with a black one, after Obama won. Steven says his black flag is not about race. Instead, he says it was his way of protesting the election results.

Would LeBron James Leave Cleveland?

Would LeBron James Leave Cleveland? NBA superstar LeBron James was in New York Tuesday. His Cleveland Cavaliers played the Knicks. James can become a free agent in 2010. Many NBA teams would love to sign James.

Greg Oden Wants Ohio to Support Obama!

Greg Oden Wants Ohio to Support Obama! NBA Star Greg Oden supports Barack Obama, and he invites many from Ohio to do the same!

Thanks Brother Oden! Obama/Biden 08!

Obama Gets Help From Bruce Springsteen in Ohio!

Obama Gets Help From Bruce Springsteen in Ohio! Barack Obama is allowing himself to express some confidence, saying he’s been “just feeling good” the last couple of days. Obama addressed a crowd of about 80,000 in Cleveland, where he was introduced by rock star Bruce Springsteen.

Obama/Biden 08! We are thankful to “The Boss” for his endorsement of Barack Obama!

Did Joe the Plumber Stand John McCain Up?

Did Joe the Plumber Stand John McCain Up? Someone’s missing from the McCain rally in Ohio.

John McCain created this wanna be celebrity, who will ditch McCain in a heartbeat if McCain loses! Let’s send Joe the Plumber to Election Exile! He won’t be remembered if his candidate loses!

Barack Obama Lays Out His Closing Argument!

Barack Obama Lays Out His Closing Argument! Barack Obama made his closing argument speech in Canton, Ohio, making the choice in this election starkly clear.

Counselor you have made your case! Elect Barack Obama as our next President!

Barack Obama Speaks Out on Small Business Loans!

Barack Obama Speak Outs on Small Business Loans! Senator Barack Obama spoke about small business loans in Toledo Ohio on October 13, 2008.