Have We Seen the End of Sean Hannity’s Career?

Have We Seen the End of Sean Hannity’s Career?

It is always great to see the guys at Fox News get owned by others! Robert Gibbs you are my man! If Mr. Hannity guilty by association?

Sean Hannity Gets Owned on His Own Show!

Sean Hannity Gets Owned on His Own Show! Sean Hannity who is a multimillionaire proves he’s out of touch with everyday Americans. Kudos to guest Robert Kuttner for refusing to be intimidated. Mr. Kuttner blows past the blow hard discussions of Mr. Hannity, and spanks him in this verbal joust over the economy!

Thanks Mr. Kuttner! Millions in America will revel in this moment! Can you believe that Hannity wants to talk about how great the economy is?

Important Update-He was also recently owned by Robert Gibbs after the second Presidential Debate in Nashville,Tennessee! View the second clip to seek the verbal beating that Mr. Hannity took there!