Dr. Claude Anderson Speaks On The Black Consumer!

Dr. Claude Anderson Speaks On The Black Consumer! The author of Powernomics is one of Black America’s Most Brilliant Speakers!

This is an awesome clip!

Can Pat Buchanan Get Any More R_cist?

Can Pat Buchanan Get Any More R_cist? Pat gave some of the greatest rants of all time in this clip from The Rachel Maddow Show!

I don’t think so! This rant is ridiculous!

Michael Jackson Dies at Age 50!

Michael Jackson Dies at Age 50! This is unbelievable! This would be easier to stomach if it didn’t seem like he hurt so bad in the later years of his life! He was an incredible talent and he was an Icon in every way!

I am praying for the Jackson Family!

Blogging Black.Com Will Become the Voice of Black America!

Blogging Black.Com Will Become the Voice of Black America! Blogging Black.Com is a Top Black Blog! This blog has had over 120,000 + visits since it’s January 2007 Launch! We are now prepared to launch into our next phase, as Blogging Black.Com will become one of the most powerful voices in Black America! Sit back and enjoy as we enter our next phase! We will bring the most important news concerning Black America that we will find from various media sources, and the vast expanse of information contained at some of our sister sites below!

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Black America Space.Com

Blogging Black.Com on Rumors on Black Blogs!

Blogging Black.Com is Black America’s Blog! Well maybe we don’t have the traffic of the many black blogs that perpetuate unfounded rumors, but we are satisfied with our niche. However; we do believe that there are too many African American blogs that are just posting rumor upon rumor! Stop Spreading so many Rumors!