Black Voters React to Election 2008!

Black Voters React to Election 2008! In Los Angeles’ African-American enclaves the mood was buoyant and joyous that voters ushered the first black president elect in the nation’s history. The AP’s John Mone visited some of those neighborhoods.

This was a joyous occasion!

Should We Expect Attempts to Bar Blacks From Voting?

Should We Expect Attempts to Bar Blacks From Voting? Historic 2008 Election Could See Unprecedented Attempts to Bar African American Voters! As we continue on the subject of voter suppression and race, we turn to Queens College political science professor and bestselling author Andrew Hacker. In the latest issue of the New York Review of Books, Hacker writes, Obstacles to getting blacks to vote have always been formidable, but this year there will be barriers some new, and some long-standing that previous campaigns have not had to face.

This guy has some great points!

Is Fox News Blaming Black People for the Financial Meltdown?

Is Fox News Blaming Black People for the Financial Meltdown?

The commentaries of some of the talking heads on Fox News is reprehensible!

The Reprogramming of African-Americans!

Dr. Claud Anderson speaks on The Reprogramming of African Americans!

The Muzzling of Black Preachers is Bound to Fail!

This is Pastor Stephen F. Smith’s Letter to the Editor of The Commercial Appeal! He grew so tired of reading so many hate-filled comments by some of the readers of this paper about Senator Barack Obama, and Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Many of these people who commented also wanted to give African-Americans Churches a virtual instruction manual on how and what black preachers can preach about. In response to some of these seething comments, he submitted this letter to the daily newspaper in Memphis,Tennessee!

Muzzling of preachers bound to fail

There are so many self-righteous people who are commenting in nearly every media outlet available about Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and other black preachers who speak out against injustice in our land. The assault on this type of black preacher since then has been incredible.

This whole thing started as a way to lessen what was perceived as the unstoppable presidential campaign of Barack Obama, but has gotten ridiculous since then. A black preacher better not speak out against the systems that be, or he or she will be portrayed as being divisive and un-American.

I have the following questions to pose to those who have attacked the right of black preachers to speak out against injustice. Where were your good mainstream Christian churches when slavery was an institution? Some of your churches are old enough to have been in existence then. How were your churches silent then?

Should an oppressed people have the same mindset as the majority culture? Were the original black preachers in this land wrong for praying for the emancipation of all slaves, while the majority culture’s preachers were praying earnestly for a healthy new crop of slaves?

While American pulpits and choir stands have proclaimed that God is love for hundreds of years, systemic and institutional racism has prevailed in our nation and our churches.

While the slave owners studied the Holy Writ, they brutally assaulted many of the initial African-American slaves. Were there prayer meetings before lynchings? Were there revivals before slave auctions?

Why was the mainstream church silent for so long on such a horrible practice as slavery? The black church was basically all that people of color possessed.

Should Moses have repented for having asked Pharaoh to let his people go? Let’s see, black preachers should just preach about love, and not speak out against oppression and racism?

Many in the mainstream culture are straining at the gnat of Wright’s speeches while swallowing the whole camel of condescension and racism.

Stephen F. Smith

Pastor, Sure House Church, Inc. Collierville

Breaking News! Rep. James Clyburn Calls Out Senator Hillary Clinton’s Secret Strategy!

Breaking News! Rep. James Clyburn Calls Out Senator Hillary Clinton’s Secret Strategy! She is trying to make Senator Obama seem like he is unelectable! She is seeking to ruin his securing of the nomination by making him seem vulnerable in the November Election. This would set the stage for an Obama Loss in 2008, and fuel another Clinton Run in 2008. Why isn’t the media asking Senator Clinton, why she isn’t able to secure black votes? Is she trying to sabotage Senator Barack Obama’s chances in November?

African Americans are Dominating the NBA and The Basketball World!

African Americans are Dominating the NBA and The Basketball World! Despite the recent rush and rash of foreign players in the NBA, can anyone deny that the top players in the NBA and the Basketball World are African Americans?