Here’s Why You Should Vote for Barack Obama!

Here’s Why You Should Vote for Barack Obama! Obama has been calm and steady, McCain has been erratic. Republicans are trying to scare people. Other Republicans, like Colin Powell, Chris Buckley, Susan Eisenhower, a Nixon, McClellan, etc, have all endorsed Obama. Obama is going to give 95% of Americans a tax cut. Obama has more national security experience than Reagan, or Clinton did. This is a time for Change. McCain can not break from the failed Bush-Cheney policies. Bottom line: Barack Obama has shown the judgment necessary to lead this country. Barack Obama has made it clear we have to restore fiscal responsibility to Washington. The Republicans have left us with a 10 Trillion Dollar debt after Democrats left them with a 5 Trillion Dollar surplus. Everything about Barack Obama has been inclusive. He’s gonna seek to reach a broader concensus in governanace.

Senator Kerry laid out the case for Obama in an awesome manner!