Blacks and the World Wide Web!

With most of America online, why aren’t black businesspeople getting their share? Internet users in America have swelled to over 210 Million + users. E-Commerce Revenues or Retail Sales Online have swelled to over 130.3 Billion Dollars. People are bypassing the Yellow Pages to use the search engines, namely Google. African Americans let’s get our share! Isn’t it time?

Blogging Black.Com Salutes Pentecostal Place.Com!

Blogging Black.Com Salutes Pentecostal Place.Com!

Pentecostal Place.Com

Don’t Go to this Church!

Don’t Go to this Church!

Shaq Dancing!

There is only one Shaq!

Former Memphis Melrose Coach Tim Thompson

Former Memphis Melrose Football Coach Tim Thompson has written an autobiography, The Tim Thompson Story! This guy turned not only his school’s football program around, but he put life back in Memphis Football! He also has an impressive group of players in the NFL!

The Tim Thompson Story

Training Up a Child!

Some parents are training up their children to follow the adminition of the Lord at very young ages!

Black America Space.Com

Black America Space.Com is the African American MySpace Page to add as a Friend!

Black America Space.Com