Would the Soccer Moms/Joe Six-Pack Appreciate Palin’s Pricey Threads?

Would the Soccer Moms/Joe Six-Pack Appreciate Palin’s Pricey Threads? She may wish to portray a “Joe Six-Pack” persona to voters, but as Nancy Cordes reports, Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has spent six figures on her wardrobe in the last 3 months.

So much for being a small town girl from Alaska! Talk about being insensitive! While people are losing their homes, well I won’t go there! Obama/Biden 08!

Senator Joe Biden Wins the Vice Presidential Debate!

Senator Joe Biden Wins the Vice Presidential Debate in a myriad of polls taken after the debate! While some may have longed for a knockout punch, Senator Biden easily displayed his expertise on so many vital issues! Governor Palin did better than I expected, but at times Governor Palin at times was left only to recite Republican Talking Points, Rehearsed Lines, and Folksy Language to appeal to Soccer Moms, and to Joe Six Pack! Who is Joe Six Pack? I would wager that he is not black, much like the Soccer Moms that she always references! Don’t you just love the use of code language by the Republicans?

Governor Palin may be a short term phenomenon, but she is not ready to receive the nuclear codes! Obama/Biden 08!