Rev. Al Sharpton Arrested While Leading Protest!

Rev. Al Sharpton Arrested While Leading Protest! Rev. Al Sharpton led a rally protesting the acquittal of the police who shot Sean Bell in New York! The acts of civil disobedience were peaceful, but they did result in the arrests of Rev. Sharpton, and Nicole Paultre Bell who was the bride to be of Sean Bell before his untimely death!

Was the Sean Bell Verdict Racism?

Was the Sean Bell Verdict Racism? Why are the police mistakes always in black neighborhoods? This verdict should put The Justice Department to work on possible Civil Rights Violations!

Rev. Al Sharpton Explains Why Senator Barack Obama’s Church Should be Honored!

Rev. Al Sharpton explains why Senator Barack Obama’s church should be honored!

Rev. Al Sharpton Wrecks the House!

Rev. Al Sharpton Wrecks the House! Rev. Al Sharpton can tune and he can whoop!

Rev. Al Sharpton Defends Senator Barack Obama and Rev. Jeremiah Wright!

Rev. Al Sharpton Defends Senator Barack Obama, and Rev. Jeremiah Wright!

Rev. Al Sharpton Tells Former President Bill Clinton to Shut Up!

Rev. Al Sharpton Tells former President Bill Clinton to Shut Up!