Why Are There So Many Anti-Obama Incidents Happening?

Why Are There So Many Anti-Obama Incidents Happening? The Huffington Post has wrote an incredible piece on how many racist Incidents, and verifiable threats against the President-Elect there has been since the historic election of Barack Obama!

Huffington Post Article on Threats Against Obama

While we were so happy that this nation had made the quantum leap to elect a Black President, which is something that most thought would never happen. We are saddened to hear about how many ugly incidents that have happened since President-Elect Obama’s historic election. He is our President-Elect and these incidents are embarrassing this nation to the entire world. These people need to get over it, this man won fair and square! Deal with it! We will highlight some of the regretable incidents that have already occurred!

No Prosecution for Skin Heads Who Planned to Kill Obama!

No Prosecution for Skin Heads Who Planned to Kill Obama! The guys at The Young Turks.Com are so on point again! Excuse the language on this clip, but he is on point!

Let’s get these characters out of office! Guns and meth and they let these guys go? Vote for Barack Obama on today, and let’s change those in government who need to go!