Oscar De La Hoya Gets the Brakes Beat Off of Him!

Oscar De La Hoya Gets the Brakes Beat Off of Him! Excuse our foray into colloquialism, but Manny Pacquiao beat The Golden Boy all night long!

All is not lost for De La Hoya who took home $30,000,000 for his efforts! Let’s take it to the house Golden Boy, and let’s leave while you can still talk and think! Your considerable largess should calm any negative feelings you might have over the fight!

Michelle Obama and John Kerry in Las Vegas

Michelle Obama and John Kerry in Las Vegas! Michelle Obama speaks passionately about the power of a dream, and the impact of her husband’s run for the Presidency of the United States of America!

O. J. Simpson is Back in Jail

O. J. Simpson is back in Jail! He has been taken into custody for allegedly breaking his bail conditions. Prosecutors asked a Las Vegas judge to revoke Simpson’s bail for trying to contact a co-defendant in an armed robbery case. The former football star and actor is accused of leading an armed robbery aimed at stealing sports memorabilia he used to own.