Watch Senator Barack Obama on American Idol!

Watch Senator Barack Obama on American Idol!

Melinda Doolittle Voted Off American Idol!

Blogging Black.Com is as astonished as ever at the elimination of Amereican Idol frontrunner, Melinda Doolittle. We were expecting her to win the competition. What happened here? Well we are cognizant that this will not be the last time that America will here from Melinda Doolittle. She will be a successful singer for years to come! CNN did a piece on this. View the news story below.

CNN on Melinda Doolittle Elimination


Fantasia Barrino singing Summertime. She won the American Idol competition with this song. 

This Sister Can Blow!

Kim Burrell can sing most people crazy. She is a magnificent gospel singer. Well form your own opinion from this clip. Do you agree? What could she have done if she was allowed to compete in The American Idol competition?

Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls

Can you believe Jennifer Hudson’s range and vocals in this song from Dreamgirls?