How to Protect Your Vote and Spot Dirty Tricks!

How to Protect Your Vote and Spot Dirty Tricks! The story of voter suppression efforts in 2008 — and how you can fight back. Get started by making sure you have the correct info about where to vote:

Don’t listen to the Republican Chants of Voter Fraud! Don’t fall for the Republican Caging attempts, or the Republican attempts at Voter Suppression! Obama/Biden 08!

Former President Clinton Powerfully Campaigns For Obama!

Former President Clinton Powerfully Campaigns For Obama! Former President Bill Clinton Joins Barack Obama in Florida! President Clinton explains exactly why Senator Obama would make a great President of the United States.

Obama! Obama! Obama!

Senator Obama Had Put Florida Into Play!

Senator Obama Had Put Florida Into Play! Both Democrats and Republicans have inundated Florida with hundreds of thousands of new voter registration applications. But many worry those votes could be thrown out. Kelly Cobiella explains why.

Let’s Not Have Any More Florida Shenanigans! An Obama victory in Florida would be a back breaker to the McCain Campaign! Let’s pray all of the fishy antics of past Florida Elections won’t rear their heads this time!

Senator Joe Biden Wins the Vice Presidential Debate!

Senator Joe Biden Wins the Vice Presidential Debate in a myriad of polls taken after the debate! While some may have longed for a knockout punch, Senator Biden easily displayed his expertise on so many vital issues! Governor Palin did better than I expected, but at times Governor Palin at times was left only to recite Republican Talking Points, Rehearsed Lines, and Folksy Language to appeal to Soccer Moms, and to Joe Six Pack! Who is Joe Six Pack? I would wager that he is not black, much like the Soccer Moms that she always references! Don’t you just love the use of code language by the Republicans?

Governor Palin may be a short term phenomenon, but she is not ready to receive the nuclear codes! Obama/Biden 08!

Has the McCain Campaign Left the Building?

Has the McCain Campaign Left the Building? Senator John McCain has decided to suspend his campaign in order to return to Washington to work on the current financial crisis. Could it be that Senator McCain has noticed how his polling numbers have diminished? Senator McCain’s decision to try to prevent tommorow night’s debate at Ole Miss is reprehensible. Do the Republicans fear debating Senator Obama, and Senator Biden? The stunts that the Republican Ticket pulls are just beyond belief, and borders on the bizarre!

Shouldn’t a prospective suitor for the job of the President be able to effectively address what direction he intends on taking this nation during crisis times? Should we look forward to a time where our President will shut the entire nation down because he’s having a bad day? Should we ever expect to hear substantive answers to interview questions from either of the members of The Republican Ticket? How will Karl Rove clean up this mess for Senator McCain? Yes Barack Obama is a black man, but anyone that thinks that Senator McCain would help America get out of the financial quagmire that she is in should first have his or her head examined! Let’s not let racism stop us from getting the financial answers, and policies that we need in this country!

The following videos will illustrate how we should earnestly oppose the granting of a third term of Bush-Like Economic Policies by electing Senator John McCain! The only answer is Obama/Biden 08! Even Republicans should be embarrassed by this charade! Does the Republican Ticket want to make it to The White House without ever articulating their plans for this nation? Can we expect to hear only Republican Talking Points, Republican Drivel, and sheer Republican Jabberwocky from the McCain Campaign during the remainder of this Presidential Campaign Season?

Barack Obama Finally Takes the Gloves Off!

Barack Obama Finally Takes the Gloves Off! The guys at The Young Turks.Com are celebrating Senator Barack Obama’s decision to fight back against Senator John McCain with strong cutting commentary, and with strong ads!

Obama/Biden 08! Go Barack we are with you all of the way! We don’t need another 8 years of Republican Leadership!

The Democrats are Back on the Campaign Trail!

The Democrats are Back on the Campaign Trail! Well all of the noise from the Republican National Convention will soon fade away, and the Democrats are back on the campaign trail, and back into the national spotlight to prove their case!