Is This One of History’s Greatest House Negro Performances?

Is This One of History’s Greatest House Negro Performances? A Black Supporter Begs McCain To “Take It To Obama”!

I am just amazed by this! Doesn’t this brother know that most of the individuals at this rally wouldn’t even welcome him to the driveways of their homes! Massa are we sick? Vote Obama/Biden 08!

Is Barack Obama a Good House Negro?

Is Barack Obama a Good House Negro? The Honorable James David Manning says that Barack Obama would make a good White House Negro in the first video below. The following video below is by a brother named Infamous Chris who refutes the ridiculous rantings of Rev. Manning. Rev. Manning, we are sincerely praying that you have a change of heart. Our people can ill afford people that will spew division among us at such a critical time as this! Props out to Infamous Chris! It’s nice to hear a well spoken brother speaking Truth to Power!