Senator Caroline Kennedy?

Senator Caroline Kennedy? As Sen. Hillary Clinton is expected to be confirmed as the next U.S. Secretary of State, political insiders have suggested that Caroline Kennedy could replace her in the Senate.

Watch Hillary Clinton’s Speech Upon Nomination!

Watch Hillary Clinton’s Speech Upon Nomination! Clinton’s speech after President-elect Obama nominates her for Secretary of State.

A 21st Century Style Of American Leadership?

A 21st Century Style Of American Leadership?

It should be interesting to see how Hillary Clinton fits into the mix of an Obama Administration!

Obama On Track to Nominate Hillary Clinton!

Obama On Track to Nominate Hillary Clinton! An aide to Barack Obama’s transition team says the president-elect is on track to nominate Hillary Rodham Clinton as secretary of state after Thanksgiving.

Watch Hillary Clinton’s Take on 3rd Presidential Debate!

Watch Hillary Clinton’s Take on 3rd Presidential Debate! “Only On The Web:” Hillary Clinton spoke with Katie Couric about her thoughts on the final presidential debate.

Senator Hillary Clinton plainly states that Senator Obama was easily the winner of the 3rd Presidential Debate! Obama/Biden08!

Former President Bill Clinton Stomps Fiercely For Obama in Virginia!

Former President Bill Clinton Stomps Fiercely For Obama in Virginia! Former President Bill Clinton spoke in Richmond, VA on October 12, 2008.

Let’s bring this victory home for Senator Obama! Virginia is in play boys and girls!

Sarah Palin’s Soccer Moms and Joe Six Packs Are Not Black!

Sarah Palin’s Soccer Moms and Joe Six Packs Are Not Black! First of all, I am not negating the fact that there are black mothers who allow their kids to play soccer. I am also aware that there are a slew of brothers who enjoy a six pack of their favorite beer on a daily basis. However; neither of these are the targets that Sarah Palin is busy appealing to when she mentions the Soccer Moms, and Joe Six Packs of this nation. Governor Palin in trying to rally the Conservative base is busy trying to appeal to the Jethros, Ellies, Bubbas, and Bubbaettes within the Conservative Base of The Republican Party. She is using code language in her appeal to these factions. It’s as if she almost just wants to scream out, “Don’t You See We Are White?”

Governor Palin’s recent personal attacks on Senator Obama are meant to solicit an angry response by Senator Obama so we can see some more White America Rallies to Attack the Black Man Who Made the Sweet White Soccer Mom Cry Drama! Senator Obama shouldn’t respond to any of Governor Palin’s attempts to attack him. She is clamoring the spotlight so badly that she would allow herself to be pushed for a position that she is clearly not qualified for. She is busy trying to rally the base of the Republican Party, and Black America should know from the outset that Sarah Palin doesn’t have you in mind, nor are we part of her agenda!

Senator Obama let her rail on, because she is ready to unleash her own Hillary Clinton Like Crying Episode! Sarah Palin is on the ticket in order to rally the poor, the racist, and the conservative talking head led white base of the party that John McCain is having a problem connecting with! I would almost bet that she will not address one African American Issue on the campaign trail! I really think that Governor Palin is a closet racist!

You Heard it Here First!