Barack Obama on Rebuilding New Orleans!

Barack Obama on Rebuilding New Orleans on the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina!

Former Tennessee State Senator John Ford Sentenced!

Former Tennessee State Senator John Ford is sentenced to 66 months in prison! Was justice served?

 News Story-John Ford Sentenced

How are Blacks Treated at Car Dealerships?

How are African Americans treated at the car dealerships in your city? Have you been discriminated against?

Black Thoughts on Michael Vick?

How do you feel as an African American about The Michael Vick Case? Is the media making too big a deal out of it? Sure the brother did some stupid things, but is his punishment too severe for the infraction? Would a non brother get the same treatment that he has received so far?

USA Today News Story-After the Plea, What’s Next for Michael Vick and the Falcons?

Maya Angelou at Max Roach’s Funeral!

Maya Angelou speaking at Max Roach’s Funeral!

My Urban Report.Com

My Urban Report.Com has a new website!

My Urban Report.Com

Barack Obama in New Orleans!

Barack Obama Walks Through Gentilly and listens to Post-Katrina problems! In the second clip he speaks at a New Orleans Church!