What Does the Vice President Do?

What Does the Vice President Do? Amazingly Sarah Palin comes up with an answer that puzzles the guys at The Young Turks.Com!

The GOP Campaign has been a side show! Obama/Biden 08! Senator John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin is still baffling!

Is Sarah Palin Qualified?

Is Sarah Palin Qualified?  Jack Cafferty tells us how he really feels about Sarah Palin!

More and More Pundits are seeing John McCain’s selection of Governor Palin as an unwise decision! Vote the Democratic Ticket because we don’t want this lady to have access to the nuclear codes! Obama/Biden 08!

Does Sarah Palin Have Any Idea What The Bush Doctrine Is?

Does Sarah Palin Have an Idea What The Bush Doctrine Is?

She doesn’t seem to have a clue in this interview! Where her answers in this inteview better than the answers of Miss Teen South Carolina’s in the second clip?