Thaddeus Matthews’ Blog

One of the blogs that the staff of Blogging Black.Com visits the most is Thaddeus Matthews.Com. We don’t always agree with all of his stances, or all of what he says, but we will commend him for putting together a blog that routinely makes the news in Memphis, Tennessee. This blogger routinely beats the news stations, and the print media to the punch on breaking stories by at least 2-3 days. His site is unlike most of the top blogs around that show the same things that every else shows, but his blog might show a corpse, or a police department foulup.

Well, Thaddeus Matthews may be the first non traditional media person(Blogger) that receives a subpoena, because it is obvious he has inside sources at The Memphis Police Department, and many other government offices. Blogging has reached the big time! He almost recalled the mayor of Memphis,Tennessee, and he then helped that same mayor get reelected. We are including the Commercial Appeal news story that covers this entire story, and an old video of The Blog King, Thaddeus Matthews! He will ultimately have one of America’s most visited blogs!

Commercial Appeal News Story on Blogger May Test Shield Law