Team Flight Brothers!

Team Flight Brothers! The crew at Team Flight Brothers are some of the highest jumping guys one could ever see!

Enjoy This Team Flight Brothers Minute!

Enjoy This Team Flight Brothers Minute! 5’9 inch Troy McCray appears to be a normal man, but since he joined Team Flight Brothers he now jumps where no man has gone before!

Somebody call the NBA!

These Dunks Are Sick!

If this brother is really 5’9 then he has incredible hops, and these dunks are completely sick! I think that he even did between a 540 to a 720 at the end of this clip!

Team Flight Brothers

The Team Flight Brothers dunk like they are seven footers! These gentlemen are under five feet ten inches tall!

African Americans are Dominating the NBA and The Basketball World!

African Americans are Dominating the NBA and The Basketball World! Despite the recent rush and rash of foreign players in the NBA, can anyone deny that the top players in the NBA and the Basketball World are African Americans?

This is Sick!

This is Sick! If this guy is 5’9 and Dunking like this on a regulation goal, then he has mad hops!