Is There Any Limit to What Republicans Will Do to Smear Obama?

Is There Any Limit To What Republicans Will Do to Smear Obama? My buddies at The Young Turks.Com give their take on the many loons that attack Senator Obama day and night! We could not think of a better topic for the 1,500th Post of Blogging Black.Com!

Senator Obama will rise above these bigots and become a fine President!

Should We Expect Attempts to Bar Blacks From Voting?

Should We Expect Attempts to Bar Blacks From Voting? Historic 2008 Election Could See Unprecedented Attempts to Bar African American Voters! As we continue on the subject of voter suppression and race, we turn to Queens College political science professor and bestselling author Andrew Hacker. In the latest issue of the New York Review of Books, Hacker writes, Obstacles to getting blacks to vote have always been formidable, but this year there will be barriers some new, and some long-standing that previous campaigns have not had to face.

This guy has some great points!

Is Fox News Blaming Black People for the Financial Meltdown?

Is Fox News Blaming Black People for the Financial Meltdown?

The commentaries of some of the talking heads on Fox News is reprehensible!

A South Carolina Black Minister Seeks to Close The Redneck Shop!

A South Carolina Black Minister Seeks to Close The Redneck Shop! What is a Redneck? The second video will have that question answered by some of the staff, and or friends of The Redneck Shop!

This Shop Needs to Be Closed!

Bill Cosby’s Viewpoints on The Black Experience!

Bill Cosby’s Viewpoints on The Black Experience! Do you agreee with his message?

Blacks and the World Wide Web!

With most of America online, why aren’t black businesspeople getting their share? Internet users in America have swelled to over 210 Million + users. E-Commerce Revenues or Retail Sales Online have swelled to over 130.3 Billion Dollars. People are bypassing the Yellow Pages to use the search engines, namely Google. African Americans let’s get our share! Isn’t it time?

A Chain or a Crown?

I was speaking with another preacher the other day and I was kidding with him that he would soon be wearing a gold chain, which would symbolize his ascent to the bishopric in our denomination. He then went on to tell me that he is not working on wearing a gold chain, but his focus was on one day wearing a crown. This stimulated me to think that it is totally amazing that some preachers aspire to reach man made benchmarks of success instead of God’s benchmark of success. We are living in a day when everyone has an armorbearer and some have adjutants, but the question of the hour is will some of the preachers who are seeking fame and fortune lead themselves and their armorbearers to Hell? Should we focus on the gold chain, the signet ring, the trappings of ecclesiastical success, or a title as much as we should focus on one day wearing a crown?

Guest Columnist,

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Sure House Church, Inc.