The First 48’s Star Detective Caroline Mason Has to File Suit!

The First 48’s Star Detective Caroline Mason Has to File Suit! Homicide Detective Caroline Mason, from the hit TV show “The First 48”, has filed a multi-million dollar Federal EEOC sexual harassment lawsuit against the City of Memphis and the Memphis Police Department. Mason claims that for months a pair of size 55 1/2 pink panties have been passed around the homicide office to the detective handling easy cases. The panties represent cases that were as easy to solve as getting into a woman’s panties. Mason I’m told also has pictures of the panties hanging in the office.

This is Plain Stupid! The Police Department of the City of Memphis Should Have Known Better!

Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton Resigns!

Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton Resigns! Long time Memphis Mayor W. W. Herenton has decided to resign! Mayor Herenton who had just won reelection to an unbelievable 5th Term has decided to leave office  early! What do you think?

It is my prayer that Memphis will proceed in the right direction after these announcements. What do you think?