Presenting the Case For Black Bloggers/Black Blogging!

Let Me Present The Case For Black Blogging, and Black Bloggers! There are so many times that I am asked why is there a need for Blogging Black.Com, or why is there a need for one to be described as a Black Blogger. There are also so many times that I am asked wouldn’t Blacks become angry if there was a White News, or a White Blogging Site. My response is that those mediums are already in existence, and it’s called your daily newspaper. Black America has been castigated via the airwaves, the printed page, and throughout the expanses of cyberspace by so many different mediums.

Isn’t it amazing that when one has to watch breaking news of a negative sort from a predominantly black neighborhood, that the brother and sister that looks to be polished, or intelligent is never asked a question? The brother or sister that looks the furthest from being in touch with reality is always the one that secures the opportunity to reflect on the incident. Why is this so? I feel that many times the press seeks to reinforce negative stereotypes about the Black Community.

Why aren’t the news cameras following the many brothers and sisters who are so busy handling their business in a positive way? I feel that the media has no desire to expose many of the shining stars of the Black Community. It is therefore incumbent upon the many brothers and sisters who have the gift of adequately expressing themselves via the printed word should do their very best to showcase the many positive aspects of the Black Community. We are a powerful, resourceful, and blessed people that the entire world needs to know more about. We have values, morals, and ethics that the nightly news just doesn’t seem to capture. That is why I choose to be a Black Blogger, it is my goal to show the entire world just how proud I am of our people.

There are so many different types of Black Blogs, and I realize that I could garner so many more visits if I would just write about gossip, and entertainment news. However; there are so many of us that are cutting edge thinkers that relish the opportunity to read a positive take on Black Issues, that was not delivered by the traditional media. It is those individuals that I am most concerned about reaching via this blog. So much for all of this explaining why I Choose to be a Black Blogger. We should exert every effort to use the citizen’s media and Web 2.0 to alert the world about just how great The Black Community is!

Why Do Conservatives Think Their “Shoot Obama” Jokes are Cute?

Why Do Conservatives Think Their “Shoot Obama” Jokes are Cute? We got this one from Dr. Boyce Watkins, one of the premier Black Bloggers of our Day:

On the June 18, 2008 edition of the Don Wade & Roma Morning Show, Rep. Mark Kirk of Illinois’s 10th congressional district, spoke of an hypothetical assassination attempt on Sen. Barack Obama. For those of us who can recall, this would not be the first time a Conservative has spoken of Barack Obama in such terms. Late last month, FOX News Contributor, Liz Trotta, referred to the controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton’s reference to RFK’s assassination, saying, “some are reading it as a suggestion that somebody knock off Osama,” and when corrected by the interviewer, Bill Hemmer, she said, “Obama. Well…both if we could!” To put an end to this, visit

Blogging Black’s Response

This behavior is unbecoming of a U. S. Representative and he should not be allowed to retain his seat in the next election. Any viable candidate in his district should have their campaigns bolstered by his ridiculous comments!

Blogging Black.Com Will Become the Voice of Black America!

Blogging Black.Com Will Become the Voice of Black America! Blogging Black.Com is a Top Black Blog! This blog has had over 120,000 + visits since it’s January 2007 Launch! We are now prepared to launch into our next phase, as Blogging Black.Com will become one of the most powerful voices in Black America! Sit back and enjoy as we enter our next phase! We will bring the most important news concerning Black America that we will find from various media sources, and the vast expanse of information contained at some of our sister sites below!

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What are Some of the Hottest Black Blogs?

Blogging Black.Com wants to list the hottest black blogs in this posting. What are the best black blogs?

We Are on Our Way!

Blogging Black.Com has garnered over 2,000 visits in less than it’s first 2 months, with most of it’s traffic in the last week. Our traffic is increasing and we want to be the top website for black bloggers. We have so many things that are coming, and I can assure you that this will be the website to come to. What can we do to increase our traffic even more?

March 2008 Update!

We have now received well over a 100,000 Views and Blogging Black.Com is a growing part of the rapidly rising Black Blogosphere!