Memphis Central High School’s 80’s Reunion-You Might Have Went to Central High in Memphis,Tennessee in the Eighties If You Remember

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Central High School of Memphis,Tennessee is having a class reunion for all of the classes of the 80’s. Central High School was Memphis’premier high school during that particular era! Central High was also Memphis’ first high school period. That’s why there is a large H on the gym floor of Central High. These were the initial graduating classes under the new optional program which was launched by the Memphis City Schools in the late seventies!

Central High School boasted some of the best academic, and all around students that the Memphis City School System had to offer at that time! Many of these graduates will be the future leaders of Memphis,Tennessee and beyond!

You Might Have Went to Central High in Memphis,Tennessee in the Eighties if You Remember any of these……………

The Gents


How everyone in the class of 1982 was so cool that you actually heard theme music when they walked by.

Mr. Owens

Cheating in Chemistry

Loving to hear the late Mr. Levester Jones state that this test was not going to be easeey and ya’ll gone fail.

Treating Mrs. Creswell’s class like Study Hall, and a playroom

The Gents Fighting The Ambassadors

The Gents Fighting the Omega Preps

The Gents Fighting and Running From the Alpha Zetas

The Gents Fighting the IM’S

The Gents Fighting the MODS

The Gents Fighting the Westwood Elite

The Gents Running From The Bone Family

Being Told on by either Kim Bryant, Samone Polk, Charita Hoskins, Mishia Shaw, Lucia Bumphus (All of these were teachers’ pets)

Remembering who Moon Wilson was

How the Gents Made Multiple Thousands From their parties in 1 night, but never had money in the treasury hmmm……….

Loving Cameo

Checking Out the New Phenomenon Called MTV

How Shawn P. Welch, Craig D. Dandridge, Rodney B. Herenton, Jay Boyd, Steve Wigley, Cedric Brown, Sonja Spriggs, Tracey Fields, Debra Crutcher, Shirley Avery, and several others would look so cool in warmups before basketball games , but you could never find there names on the stat sheets after the game.

Making Entrances to Gents and LDJ Parties

Actually Remembering the Word Non-Optional

Alfred Milan’s Sense of Humor

Brendan Duffy’s Sense of Humor

If you remember who Booloo, and Taco where

Hanging out by the Warrior in the Lobby

Holey Levis

Button Down Shirts

Penny Loafers

Stan Smith Tennis Shoes With No Socks

Kate Swiss Tennis Shoes With No Socks

Tretorns Tennis Shoes With No Socks

Nikes With No Socks

Argyle Socks

Izod Shirts

Polo Shirts

Bragging Dragon Shirts

Riding the 31 Crosstown

Chaps Shirts

Lagerfield Cologne

How Patrick Dandridge was cool as a fan

Cliff Deberry and Angela Rawls being a hot item-(They are still together and she is now Mrs. Cliff Deberry)

Jay Boyd scoring a touchdown and hearing about it for a year

Mark Yates, and Shawn Welch actually playing football?

If you remember the Good Times We Had in the 80’s