All I Do!

Native Memphians Kirk Whalum, and Wendy Moten perform their remake of Stevie Wonder’s Hit, “All I Do!”

This one is off the chain!

Back in the Day!

This video is of a new Kirk Whalum hit called Back in the Day! This song features Gerald Albright and Caleb tha Bridge. Caleb tha Bridge is a Gospel Rapper that raps doing this song. Well Caleb tha Bridge is my cousin Andre, who is the former Youth Pastor of World Overcomers in Memphis,Tennessee before moving away. Listen to the words and reflect on how great some of those memories were back in the day!

Kirk Whalum Can Sooth Your Soul at Work!

Kirk Whalum Can Sooth Your Soul at Work!

Enjoy Kirk Whalum’s Incredible Talent!

Enjoy Kirk Whalum’s Incredible Talent!