I Am Legend Movie Trailer!

I Am Legend Movie Trailer!

Souljah Boy Live on Red Carpet!

Souljah Boy Live on Red Carpet!

Creflo Dollar on Larry King Live!

Creflo Dollar on Larry King Live!

Minister Louis Farrakhan on Honoring The Black Woman!

Minister Louis Farrakhan on The Black Woman!


Superstar by the late Luther Vandross!

The Late Luther Vandross!

The Late Luther Vandross!

The Black Good and Bad Hair Debate-Straight vs. Nappy!

The Black Good and Bad Hair Debate-Straight vs. Nappy! If one is born with a so called nappy head is that such a bad thing? I love my hair which will curl up in knots if I did not do anything to it for a couple of weeks or so. I am proud of what the Lord made me to be. Afrobella gives many accounts of proud blacks with so called nappy heads! Thousands upon Thousands of African Americans are returning to natural hairstyles!