Where are We Going as a People?

This video contains the ending of a rap concert in Memphis,Tennessee at a public high school. Where are we going as a people if we allow our young people to behave like this? Where are our standards and our values going? This video definitely doesn’t portray a people that all of our civil rights’ icons thought that we would be by now. Are gangs stimulating the minds of our young people more than our schools systems are? The question of the hour is, can we save this new generation?

Are Noble Intentions Enough?

We have tried not to post anything that would stir much contreversy; however that time has passed. Black America has so many urgent needs and daunting challenges. The time to act is now. History records few noble intentions, but history records many noble actions. The easiest way for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing. Black America has had so many noble intentions, but fewer noble actions. I would agree that as a race of people that we have made tremendous strides in the last 10-20 years, but there is so much more that could be done. Most African Americans are looking to take care their four and no more. We have literally shed the powerful force of the majority of our people thinking with a community mindset. We have to work hard to reacquire a sense of community in our people. We are not on this website crying about the boogie man, nor are we seeking to tarnish another race of people, but we want to be a lightning rod for action in the African American community and we will seek to inspire a people that have endured many hardships over the years. What can we do to move away from being a people with big talk but small actions? What can we do for the uplift of our people? What are your ideas?