I Have Sarah Palin Overload!

I Have Sarah Palin Overload! I am just amazed by this lady!

It seems that she just doesn’t get enough of those cameras! Please Republicans let her be your nominee in 2012!

Sarah Palin Talks Turkey!

Sarah Palin Talks Turkey! Sarah Palin caught in an awkward interview on a turkey farm. Sarah Palin Pardons a Turkey. While being interviewed, you can see others being slaughtered behind her. This is Priceless!

All I can say is Wow! This lady was almost a heartbeat away! Thank God! Thank God!

Colin Powell is Super Excited Over the Obama Victory!

Colin Powell is Super Excited Over the Obama Victory! Colin Powell on CNN gets choked up over Obama’s win.

General Powell will prayerfully be a vital adviser to our new President!

CNN’s Rick Sanchez takes on Joe the Plumber!

CNN’s Rick Sanchez takes on Joe the Plumber!

Joe finally has met his match! Obama/Biden 08!

What’s Wrong With the Mainstream Media?

What’s Wrong With the Mainstream Media? I agree with the guys from The Young Turks.Com on this one.

I watched this clip when it first aired on MSNBC, and I didn’t think that the responses of these folks in New York were that bad. Imagine asking about Obama in some parts of Tennessee! I have to pray when I listen to Joe Scarborough, and the rest of the crew from The Morning Joe Show! This is a powerful video! Expose the Right Wing Crack Pots of this land!

Watch Charles Barkley’s Take on The Bradley Effect!

Watch Charles Barkley’s Take on The Bradley Effect! Former NBA star Charles Barkley talks with CNN’s Campbell Brown about racism in the election and more.

Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama!

Colin Powell Powerfully Endorses Barack Obama For President! Retired General, and Former Secretary of State Colin Powell endorses Obama on Meet the Press, and to reporters via CNN in the fourth clip!

This is awesome! General Powell noted the intellectual vigor of Barack Obama , Senator McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin, and the steadiness of Senator Obama’s actions during the financial criss, as the central points that affected his decision to vote for Senator Obama!