Black Marchers Protest Violence and Crime in St. Louis!

Black Marchers Protest Violence and Crime in St. Louis! Throngs of ministers, Black Panthers and other black men hungry for change marched through a historically black St. Louis neighborhood Sunday to protest violence, with women cheering them from the sidelines.

Crowds that organizers estimated at 50,000 walked to Tandy Park, across from Sumner High School, the first black high school west of the Mississippi River. It was there that one of Sumner’s famous graduates, the late Arthur Ashe, honed his tennis skills.

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Kanye West Outduels 50 Cent!

Kanye West Outduels 50 Cent! Kanye’s is outselling 50 Cent! Click below for the story!

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Black Thoughts on Michael Vick?

How do you feel as an African American about The Michael Vick Case? Is the media making too big a deal out of it? Sure the brother did some stupid things, but is his punishment too severe for the infraction? Would a non brother get the same treatment that he has received so far?

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Michael Vick Pleads Guilty!

Michael Vick Pleads Guilty! Will he ever suit up again? Is this whole case being blown out of proportion? This guy was destined for megastardom, how could he make this mistake?

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