The McCain Campaign Has Resorted to Character Attacks!

The McCain Campaign Has Resorted to Character Attacks! As most polls show Barack Obama winning the first presidential debate, what changes will John McCain make to give himself the edge and will it work? Jeff Greenfield has more. Senator McCain and Governor Palin were also hit hard for their radical associations by the New Jersey Voices Public Blog which can bes assessed by clicking on the link below!

New Jersey Voices Blog Attacking Senator McCain and Governor Palin’s Scary Connections

Senator McCain’s campaign is floundering and he now has resolved to mudslinging! Don’t be moved by the Karl Rove Fashioned Antics of The Republican Ticket! Instead of highlighting their plans for America we get genuine mudslinging by the Republican Ticket! Has the Republican Ticket figured out that they can’t win this election on substance alone?

Is the Republican Ticket Sinking?

Is the Republican Ticket Sinking? The McCain and Palin Ticket Needs to Work on Both Their Domestic and Their Foreign Affairs Skills!

The Republican Ticket is simply running an amazing campaign of blunders! The failed policies of the Bush Administration would seem to continue if Senator McCain, and Governor Palin make it to The White House! Even Die Hard Republicans Couldn’t be Happy With These Characters! I am of the opinion that some of these characters shouldn’t talk at home without a teleprompter! Let’s just get to the basics it’s not a matter of not knowing Senator Obama for many Americans, it is simply a matter of race! Can America look past the race of Senator Obama and elect him as our next President? Can America be bold enough to elect our First Black President? Obama/Biden 08!